About Sri M

A symbol of humanism

Beyond religion and dogma extends a rarefied realm of wisdom, compassion and above all humaneness …Spiritual leader, reformer, educationist and living yogi, Sri M presides over this space, a torch of empowering energy that has touched and lit up countless lives. In Sri M’s world, being ‘human’ is all about reaching out and lifting the lives of the destitute on a wave of love, compassion and selfless service.

Many years ago, in the Himalayan Mountains under the tutelage of Maheshwarnath Babaji, began an epic saga that saw the transformation of a young ‘apprentice’ Mumtaz Ali into a spiritual leader, Sri M. His bestselling Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master—A Yogi’s Autobiography, chronicles this fascinating journey.

Last year Sri M completed a phenomenal feat, walking with a massive following of people from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in the cause of unity and peace. Named Manav Ekta Mission, the yatra spanned 7500 kms and 14 months spreading the message of peace and love.

In continuation of the same vision and as an exemplary gesture of humanism, Sri M has embarked upon setting up Swaasthya Hospitals, a multi-specialty hospital in Bangalore that would make quality healthcare affordable to the poor, needy and deprived. For the thousands of urban poor and the throngs of stricken people who travel to Bangalore in search of relief the hospital would be a symbol of hope.